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Safety Manuals

Your Company Must Have A Comprehensive Safety Program!

This year’s Safety Manual includes information on:

  • OSHA’s Updated Trenching & Excavation Safety
  • New Cell Phone/Distracted Driver Federal Ruling
  • OSHA’s New Cranes & Derricks Standard (1926.47)
  • OSHA’s Changes to the Penalty Calculation Limit
  • Field Responsibility — Competent Person
  • Updated Fall Protection — Residential Construction
  • Recordkeeping Requirements — Employee Reporting on Fatalities & Hospitalizations
  • OSHA 10-Hour Training Requirements

Promote A Safe Working Environment

It should be your company’s policy to provide a safe place to work, with the prevention of accidents being your ultimate goal. Your Insurance/Bonding carrier requires a Safety Program. State and Federal Agencies require a Safety Program.

OSHA Inspectors Will Be Enforcing:

  • Overall Construction Safety (29 CFR 1926)
  • Excavating Standards
  • Written Safety and Health Plans
  • Hazard Communications Programs
  • Drug Free Workplace
  • OSHA 10-Hour Training Requirements
  • Examine The UCANE Pocket Directory

When ordering Company Safety Manuals, the Safety Manual section only, in the back of UCANE’s Pocket Directory, will be made up into an individual Employee Pocket Safety Manual with Your Company Name & Logo printed on the cover. Employee signature cards verifying compliance with safety manual procedures are included. When signed, these cards should be placed in each employee’s file.

To order the safety manual please fill out the below form.

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